Audix TM2: In-ear Headphone Field Measurement Sleeve

Audix has released the TM2 microphone coupler for testing in-ear monitors. The novelty will allow you to determine the characteristics of “plugs” without the use of special equipment such as acoustic head or ear simulators, which often require stationary conditions. TM2 is suggested to be used even when setting up monitor kits for performers right before the show.

The TM2 is housed in a compact, pocket-sized metal housing that mimics the acoustic characteristics of the human ear. The device is equipped with a reference condenser microphone and is supplemented with a calibration file. With a phantom powered audio interface, TM2 can be used with popular measurement software such as Rational Acoustic’s SMAART, Systune AFMG, or AudioTools Studio Six Digital. The TM2 is connected like a regular microphone – via the XLR connector.

Audix TM2

The TM2 is supplied with four adapters for attaching headphones with different tips, with or without an ear-set. The entire set fits in a protective carrying case. There is also a stereo version of the device called TM2SP.

The Audix TM2 coupling is already on sale in the US for $ 1,300.