Statistics: vinyl sales in the UK jump to the level of 30 years ago

The British edition of The Guardian has published another article on vinyl. As you might guess, it is about the fact that records are becoming more fashionable and fashionable. And the popularity of LPs has grown in recent months due to the coronavirus: music lovers stay at home, do not go to concerts, but buy records.

According to The Guardian, there hasn’t been such high demand for vinyl in the last 30 years. At least this is the case in England, where record sales grew by 10% in 2020. By the end of the year, sales are expected to exceed £ 100m. This, according to The Guardian, has not been seen since 1990.

Drew Hill, managing director of UK LP and CD distribution company Proper Music, said their turnover was up 250% when compared to the situation at the beginning of the pandemic. The top manager is confident that the British spend on music the money that they are used to spending on live concerts.

vinyl sales in the UK jump to the level of 30 years ago

Among other things, The Guardian noted that the demand for compact cassettes has sharply increased in the UK. As for CDs, things are much worse with this format: analysts have calculated that demand continues to fall. If this goes on, then this year will be one of the worst for the format. Compared to last year, disc sales in England fell by about 30%.

Kim Bayley of the Entertainment Retailers Association called the situation “extraordinary.” Kim does not understand why “30 years ago, discs were the choice of those who wanted impeccable sound, and today, in the days of streaming, music lovers prefer cassettes and vinyl.”

It should be noted that Drew Hill from Proper Music is not in the mood to say goodbye to discs – according to him, this format is still making money.

If we talk about the main ways of selling vinyl, cassettes and discs, then today they are online stores. Amazon made the most sales this year. HVM is also doing well.