Scope Labs Periscope: Condenser microphone with built-in compressor for fun music recordings

The Periscope microphone is the debut product of Scope Labs. First of all, the novelty attracted attention with its extraordinary appearance, which corresponds to the name. However, the manufacturer said that Periscope is not only a unique design, but also a high-quality “charged” solution for professional musicians and amateurs.

The Periscope is an omni-directional condenser microphone. An analog compressor is hidden inside, which is designed to make the sound more “interesting”.

Scope Labs Periscope

The manufacturer purposefully abandoned the idea of “the most accurate microphone with perfect sound transmission.” As conceived by Scope Labs, the microphone should transmit not only the absolutely pure sound of instruments or vocals, but also the energy of the musicians. According to Scope Labs, most modern precision microphones for professional use don’t do this.

Scope Labs Periscope

It is worth noting that the drummers of Garbage and The Chemical Brothers have already liked the microphone. As for the unusual design with an outer shell made of copper, this is necessary not only for beauty – the manufacturer assured that the copper coating allowed for a good shield and grounding.

On the European market, a Periscope microphone will cost 370 euros.