Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Acoustics will be released in the design of 4 Seasons

Wilson Audio introduced Chronosonic XVX acoustics in 4 Seasons design. The appearance of this exclusive series is inspired not only by the famous theme in classical music, but also by “This aesthetically rare XVX series draws inspiration from the natural color combinations found in Utah and from the countless mountain ranges, sand dunes, meandering streams, lakes, and vistas“.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX

In the 4 Seasons series, the Chronosonic XVX speakers will come in the expected four designs. In the winter version, these are the “Glacier Frost” color, the fractal structure of the glass of the resistor panel, the light blue metal surfaces of Cerakote, the white and blue cables and the frame of the carbon fiber crossover in blue.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX

Spring will be marked by the color “Blue Orchid“, black and yellow cables and yellow anodizing of the metal, the crossover’s carbon fiber body in yellow.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX

Summer design is Ember color, red surfaces and black and red cables.

The autumn landscape is expressed in “Deep Forest Green” with dark olive wood inserts combined with a dark, bronze surface of metal parts.

Acoustics Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX 4 Seasons comes in an exclusive package. In addition to the 3D-printed Chronosonic XVX model, the plywood box contains a special edition manual, a Wilson Audio discount code, a set of three stands, a set of WilsonGloss branded accessories, and a Wilson Way history book.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX

Availability and price

The Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX speakers in 4 Seasons design will be available until the end of 2022 – there is even a countdown on the brand’s website. Prices for models in the 4 Seasons variant have not been announced. At the same time, a pair of “regular” Chronosonic XVX costs $330,000 in the US.

Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Acoustics Features

  • New “Glacier Frost” Premium Pearl color
  • Fractal design resistor panel glass
  • White and Blue themed cable dressing
  • Light blue Cerakote metal finish
  • Blue tinted carbon fiber crossover housing