“The Pedal Movie”: A documentary on guitar pedals and the culture of their use

Reverb.com, an international music scene, has released the first full trailer for its own documentary, The Pedal Movie. As the name suggests, the painting is dedicated to guitar pedals.

The creators of The Pedal Movie decided to tell the whole truth about guitar effects. The audience was promised an interesting history of guitar lotions, as well as many facts related to the culture of their use. Of course, those who are interested are waiting for interviews with representatives of different companies and industry experts.

The emphasis was on the fact that even 30 years ago, guitar pedals were the business of only a few select enterprises, but today this industry has grown to several thousand brands.

To celebrate the film’s release, partner Reverb.com will release several special exclusive pedals. It is already known that Chase Bliss Audio, Zvex, Earthquaker Devices and Death By Audio are working on such products.

The Pedal Movie is due to be released digitally in early 2021.