Scansonic HD L-series speakers: home theater set

The Danish company Scansonic HD has added a budget L-series to the existing lines, using in its development the experience of creating the older series of M and MB acoustics. The L-Series includes the flagship L12 3-way floorstanding speakers, followed by the L9, 2-way L6 center speaker, L5 bookshelf speakers, and the L8 active 8-duff 100-watt subwoofer.

Scansonic HD L-series speakers

All of them, except, of course, the subwoofer, received an inch dome tweeter common to the series. Speaker cable terminals are completely universal – they accept banana, plugs or simply stripped cable. The 15 mm thick front panel is complemented by a fabric grill with magnetic mounts.

The floor stands, with their sophisticated appearance, are equipped with outrigger (resembling outrigger oarlocks in sports boats) metal supports that go beyond the dimensions. The L12 differs from the L9 in the number of 4-inch mid-bass drivers – it has 4 of them versus 3 for the L9. The L6 center channel system has 2 of these speakers. Equipped with a 5” mid/woofer speaker, the L5 shelf units come with wall-mount brackets.

Scansonic HD L-series speakers

L-series speakers are also available as a Home Theater Pack. It includes a pair of front L9 systems (they can be replaced with L12 if desired), a pair of rear L5 satellites (a couple more can be added to expand the system to a 7.1 configuration), a center channel L6 and an L8 subwoofer (one can optionally be added).

All L-series models are available with a black or white vinyl finish. Another finishing option is a walnut-like film. The price does not depend on finishing.

Scansonic HD L Series Home Theater Pack in Australia costs $3,400.

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