Eikon Audio Image.5 speakers: Wavelet room correction and AMT tweeters

The American company Eikon Audio has introduced Image.5 – rackmount active two-way speakers with DSP. The combination of Eikontrol DSP control, amplifier, driver and cabinet design allowed the new product to show a lower frequency limit of 32 Hz. Eikon Audio claims Image.5 as a compact, full-range speaker standard.

Eikon Audio Image.5 speakers

In addition to the traditional equalizer, the system includes a proprietary Wavelet room acoustics correction. Time delays, according to Eikon Audio, are corrected with microsecond precision.

Active gain works separately for each driver. These are AMT super tweeters and a pair of 5.25-inch low-distortion woofers. The Image.5 bass reflex enclosure is built using an “ultra-inert ceramic-based constrained layer”. The speakers are available in matt white or black.

Eikon Audio Image.5 speakers

In the US, the price of the Eikon Audio Image.5 system, including Eikontrol DSP and racks, was $15,000.

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