Muraudio Domain Omni PX2: Circular Directional Hybrid Electrostats Speaker

The Canadian company Muraudio has released the Domain Omni PX2 hybrid electrostats with circular polar pattern. In fact, all 360 degrees are made up of three sectors of 120 each.

Each of them is served by its own pair of mylar electrostat and a completely traditional woofer. All this, together with the corresponding electronics, is enclosed in a truly tower-shaped aluminum case, which has the shape of a rounded triangle in plan.

The electronic unit MSB (Muraudio Speaker Bus) is responsible for powering the system. It is a bi-directional electrical interface that provides stable DC power to the electrostatic panel, while simultaneously displaying the operating status of each speaker’s power through the monitoring module.

Muraudio Domain Omni PX2

The sound of the Muraudio Domain Omni PX2 follows the “sound from everywhere” concept. These floor loudspeakers weighing 72 kg each are capable of delivering a maximum sound pressure of 105 dB at a distance of 2 m. The signal between the emitters is divided at a frequency of 450 Hz by a 4th order crossover, an analogue of Linkwitz-Riley. The Domain Omni PX2 is rated at 500W (RMS) or 1000W peak.

In addition to seven standard finishes (Piano Black, Graphite, Star White, Ferrari Red, Scarlett, Sapphire, Sunset), Muraudio also offers custom options – the company is ready to discuss them with the customer. Naturally, the exclusive finish will affect the price of the acoustics, each set of which is custom-made in any way.

In the base version, the Muraudio Domain Omni PX2 2-Way Hybrid Floor Stands start at $54,900.

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