AFUR Parso individual ultrasonic Bluetooth speaker

Japanese electronics company AFUR intends to enter the market with the Parso – personal directional sound Bluetooth speaker. This is a device that only you can hear.

This has become possible with the use of ultrasonic elements – they form sound in the audible range directly in front of the listener’s ears. A narrow directivity wearable parametric source for personal listening is patent pending. Full-scale production is slated to start in mid 2022.

The developers said that the AFUR Parso can be used as an alternative to headphones. Only you can hear the system – and without sound isolation from the events around you.

AFUR Parso

According to AFUR, “the biggest problem with reducing a parametric speaker is that the number of its elements (or rather, their total area) is proportional to the loudness. It was solved by placing in a two-stage structure and in one plane about 1.6 times more effective elements of improved directivity.”

AFUR has already created a chip to control the system. Its main part is a mixed signal controller: digital and analog. It modulates the radiation of the ultrasonic element with an audio signal. True, the individual listening system, according to its authors, works great outdoors, but it is capable of “making mistakes” indoors due to reflections from the walls.

AFUR Parso

Otherwise, the Parso Bluetooth speaker is quite similar to its counterparts. The compact housing contains a battery that can be charged via USB Type C. The battery life is 3 hours. It can be used on the go or even while running.

The Parso has a 0.25″ photo tripod mount. The novelty was offered to be used in cafes and other crowded places, where its owner will be able to listen to his favorite sounds without annoying others. A limited number of Parso units are slated to be released by May 2022.

AFUR Parso

In the US, AFUR Parso speaker will cost about $350.

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