Magnat Monitor Reference Active speakers: phono stage, built-in DAC and Bluetooth 5.0 in three sizes

In total, the Magnat Monitor Reference series includes three models with indexes 5A, 3A and 2A. The first is floorstanding, with a crossover that divides the signal into 2.5 bands, the next two are two-lane.

All new products have a two-channel class D amplifier with a total power of 75 to 120 W (depending on the model) and other electronics in the left column. The manufacturer tried to equip the acoustics with all interfaces to work with modern signal sources.

Magnat Monitor Reference 2A

In the wireless version, the Magnat Monitor Reference speakers will be able to use the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module, and support for the aptx Low Latency codec will allow you to watch video without desynchronizing the audio track.

Magnat Monitor Reference speaker

If the movie is shown on a regular home TV or a projector, then the Magnat Monitor Reference has an HDMI input with support for Audio Return Channel (ARC) and CEC function.

Magnat Monitor Reference 3A

The usual analog and digital inputs are also not forgotten. By digital, any speaker of the series accepts a signal with a resolution up to 24 bit/192 kHz. In addition to the usual linear signal, the analogue is also represented by the input of the built-in phono stage for MM cartridges.

Three pairs of speakers in size covered almost all possible options: from stationary floor-standing speakers to bookshelf and even tabletop models. In the senior floor-standing speaker Monitor Reference 5A, there are two 6.5-inch drivers, in the middle model 3A there is one such speaker – and it is ready to deliver up to 40 watts.

Magnat Monitor Reference Active speakers

The lower model 2A has a 5-inch midrange/woofer, with which it delivers up to 35 watts per channel. An 1-inch dome tweeter, operating up to 40kHz, is common to all three speakers. The declared lower frequency limit for the Magnat Monitor Reference 5A, 3A and 2A models was 28, 34 and 38 Hz, respectively.

Magnat Monitor Reference 5A

As for the finishes, Magnat has promised that there will be no problems with the choice: all three Magnat Monitor Reference models are available only in classic black, with a matte bezel and textured veneer.

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