Aurelia Aniara DSPe active bookshelf speakers: automatic calibration, Bluetooth and composite fiber housing

According to the manufacturer, the Aniara DSPe active speakers (an advanced version of the conventional Aniara DSP) from the Finnish company Aurelia are a technological product with several modern systems that improve sound.

For example, the Aniara DSPe kit can automatically adapt to room conditions through DSP sound calibration technology. In addition, the Aniara DSPe is wireless ready (requires optional Bluetooth). Also, acoustics will be able to work as part of a multiroom, receiving a signal from a network player.

The bass in the Aniara DSPe is handled by 4-inch DDC woofers. According to the developers, it was possible to achieve a powerful “punchy” sound thanks to a special membrane and specially formulated bodies. Titanium tweeters with ECW waveguides are responsible for the high ones. The radiators are powered by two D-class amplifiers, 50 W each. Declared frequency range: 50 Hz – 25 kHz.

Aurelia Aniara DSPe

Additional options include high and low adjustment, several built-in EQ modes and the ability to update firmware.

The company has made a special emphasis on the material of the bodies: Aurelia uses only natural composite with the possibility of complete processing. This material differs from ordinary plastic by reduced vibrations. The company is positioning its speaker cabinet material as a new industry standard.

In the European market, a pair of Aniara DSPe was offered at a price of about 500 euros.