Sumiko and SOTA Founder David Fletcher R.I.P.

AnalogPlanet reports on the death at the age of 81 of David Fletcher, co-founder of Sumiko and SOTA.

Sumiko, founded by Fletcher in 1972, has been selling tonearms and turntable accessories for years. Today the firm is engaged in the manufacture of cartridges, electronics and the distribution of Pro-Ject products in the United States.

While working at Sumiko, David Fletcher developed a whole line of products that are still highly regarded by avid audiophiles and music lovers today: MDC-800, Premier FT-4 and Premier MMT tonearms, Talisman MC series (Alchemist, Virtuoso), FF- 1 MC.

Fletcher and Robert Becker founded SOTA in 1980. Thanks to connections at the Berkeley National Laboratory, where Fletcher was once engaged in scientific activities, the company was able to use a number of unique technologies and mechanisms in the production. The SOTA Star Sapphire vacuum turntable has become the basis and reference for several models from other brands.

Fletcher was also one of the founders of Pacific Microsonics, which is known for a number of innovative inventions, including the HDCD.

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