Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature – among the best audiophile headphones in 2020

The British magazine “What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision” (May 12, 2020) published a list of audiophile headphones – the best, according to the editors – “Best audiophile headphones 2020: the ultimate headphones” – “The best audiophile headphones of 2020: the most advanced models”. Among them was the top model from Bowers & Wilkins – closed headphones B&W P9 Signature!

“Bowers & Wilkins B&W P9 Signature – Audiophile headphones for discerning music lovers”

B&W P9 Signature luxurious and sophisticated audiophile headphones.
“Reasons to Buy: stunning mid-range transparency, excellent sound detail, weighty, high-spirited and lively bass.”

“The chic, stylish and exquisitely balanced B&W P9 Signature headphones add a touch of luxury to your music listening experience.” Their 40-mm drivers are located at an angle to the ears for a more natural listening experience, enhanced by comfortable ear cups made of foam material with a memory effect, finished with high quality morocco leather.

They sound as good as they look, offering a wonderful balance of tempo, rhythm and attack, which opens up a vast space for instruments and vocals in which their sound shines. With a special talent for handling live rhythms, P9 Signature is a fun and exciting way to listen again to your favorite playlists.”

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