Focal Clear Mg Professional Headphones: Magnesium Membranes & Frameless Driver Voice Coils

Focal introduced the Clear Mg open on-ear headphones. This model builds on the design and concept of the Clear headphones launched almost 4 years ago. According to Focal, the new product is designed for professionals.

Focal Clear Mg Professional received magnesium membranes (the previous model used an aluminum-magnesium alloy) with the same M-profile. The diffusers are driven by frameless voice coils with a diameter of 25 mm, while the diameter of the speakers remains unchanged – 40 mm.

Focal Clear Mg Professional Headphones

We managed to leave the model parameters unchanged. This applies not only to the impedance of 55 Ohm, but also to the sensitivity of 104 dB, the reproducible frequency range of 5 Hz to 28 kHz and the harmonic distortion factor of 0.25% at a frequency of 1 kHz and at a sound pressure of 100 dB.

Focal Clear Mg Professional Headphones

The same goes for the shape of the ear cups, frame and headband cushion and ear pads. But now they got a different coloring. In addition, Focal Clear Mg has redesigned the outer grille of the cups.

Focal Clear Mg Professional Headphones

Focal Clear Mg Professional is supplied with two cables with 24 AWG OFC copper conductors. A five-meter cable, more convenient for “stationary” conditions, received a 6.35 mm TRS connector, and a shorter one – 1.2 meters – ends with a 3.5 mm connector, more suitable for use with mobile gadgets. An adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm was added to it. The whole set fits in a hard case.

In the US, the Focal Clear Mg professional headphones will cost $1,490.

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