Research: Heavy Metal Reduces Pressure and Calms

Fortunately, heavy music is no longer considered dangerous. More recently, the musicians were still suing various authorities and censors who could find a threat to society in any word, line, and even a guitar riff. And it was often not about extreme genres like death metal, but only about harmless fun hard rock. Nowadays, not only rock has ceased to be dangerous, but extreme metal has proved to be useful. And this has already been found scientific evidence.

Vera Clinic recently conducted a study of approximately 1,500 people between the ages of 18 and 65. All participants were asked to listen to music, but the playlists were different. During the experiment, the listeners were measured pressure, pulse, and the heart was monitored.

The results showed that study participants felt great when listening to heavy metal: 89% had low blood pressure and calmed heart. The researchers also noted that heavy metal made people calmer.

Dr. Omer Avlanmış from Vera Clinic explained that listening to “evil” metal, a person calms down and gets the opportunity to “listen to himself and his feelings.” This state is undoubtedly useful.

All of the above means that now it is not only possible to listen to metal, but also necessary, as doctors say.

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