Mingo Audio released the stylus counter usage counter

Mingo Audio has added a stylus time counter to its catalog of accessories for vinyl lovers, which is called the Mingo Stylus Counter. The device is a black disk in the form factor of a hockey puck. On the upper plane — a round window of the LCD indicator, on the sides of which there are two control buttons. It is performed exclusively manually.

The device’s memory stores data from three cartridges at once, and their maximum operating time in the device is limited to a limit of 65,000 hours. Mingo Stylus Counter is ready to operate from the internal battery with a capacity of 105 mAh for 10 hours. Charging-from a regular smartphone adapter with a microUSB cable.

Mingo Audio Stylus Counter

When buying a new product on the Mingo Audio website, it can be equipped with a Headshell Showcase — a “showcase” for headshells with cartridges in the form of a base plate with three transparent caps. Under each of them, the cartridge can be stored without getting clogged with dust and pleasing the owner’s eye.

Mingo Audio Stylus Counter

The Mingo Stylus Counter will cost 65 euros in Europe, while the Headshell Showcase version will cost 7 euros more.

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