HiFiMan DEVA Pro Review

The HiFiman Deva Pro Planar Magnetic Headphones is the logical continuation of the highly successful Deva, and has many improvements. Now the manufacturer has added the ability to use your favorite standard dual 3.5mm TRS cable as opposed to the single 3.5mm TRRS cable in the previous Deva version. The Pro version uses the new HiFiman Neo “supernano” diaphragm (NsD), which is 80% thinner than the previous model. According to the manufacturer, it will provide fast response and a detailed audio scene with excellent full-range sound.

New Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnet Design promises to provide pure sound output, accurate and full-range. And finally, one of the main features of this model – the Bluemini module, has also been updated. Now it’s Bluemini R2R with Hifiman own Himalaya R2R architecture DAC which supports all modern HD bluetooth protocols and is not inferior, and in energy efficiency is even ahead of the popular PCM1704. And given all these improvements, the price of the new HiFiman Deva Pro increased by only 10% (Deva 299$/Deva Pro 329$). Let’s see how all this affected the sound and how the new model turned out in general.



The HiFiMan DEVA Pro comes in standard HiFiMan quality cardboard box.

Package include:

  • HiFiMan DEVA Pro
  • Bluemini R2R Bluetooth module
  • Dual 3.5mm to 3.5mm TRS cable
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm converter
  • USB-C cable
  • User manuals


HiFiman Deva Pro

The new HiFiman Deva Pro is completely similar in design to the original Deva except for two features. The first is the color scheme – now it is metallic with black as opposed to the metallic with noble brown in the first version.

We liked the combination of brown more, it looks very refined in contrast to the restrained black color scheme in the new Pro version, but tastes are not disputed.

The second difference is technological. A 3.5mm connector was added to the right cup, which allows you to use the new HiFiman Deva Pro with a standard dual 3.5mm TRS cable. On the left bowl there is a TRRS connector for Bluemini (or stereo single 3.5mm TRRS cable). And yes, Bluemini you can only connect to the left side, hopefully in the new version the developers will add the ability to connect the bluetooth module where you like more.

The quality of materials and assembly in general, as always in HiFiman product is excellent. As in the previous version it is aluminum, excellent quality leatherette and plastic.

HiFiman Deva Pro

The aluminum parts are the grille on the outside of the bowls and the c-shaped mount. The rims on the bowls are a tight well-fitting plastic. Nothing squeaks or wobbles anywhere.

HiFiman Deva Pro

As for the comfort of the fit – Deva is probably one of the most comfortable full-format headphones we’ve ever had to test. The design combines simplicity, lightness (360g) and amazing ergonomics. You sometimes forget you’re wearing them when you’re listening.

The earpads are slightly oval and not round as it might seem from the outside. The ear completely penetrates inside the earpads, it does not squeeze or press anything, such an accurate fit of the earpads seems to give such a unique feeling of comfort in general.

After reviewing the first version of the Deva, we received feedback that the headphones may slip off for some users. It all depends on the correct fit of the headphones on the head. After correctly setting the length of the bowls and choosing a comfortable headband position on a particular head, the problem usually disappears.

Operation and Bluemini

HiFiman Deva Pro

The Bluemini R2R is extremely simple and easy to use. Connect the module to the left bowl and press and hold the power button, you will hear a beep in the headphones. To pair, press the button twice and the small LED will flash green and blue. Now you can pair Bluemini with your bluetooth source. After pairing, the LED will continue to blink blue intermittently, letting you know that the HiFiman Deva Pro are working properly.

Bluemini R2R

Bluemini takes about 3 hours to charge, you can use any phone charger, we tested with a 20w iPhone quick charger and we had no problems (Bluemini R2R module does not support fast charging protocols). You can also use Deva Pro in the meantime with a USB-C cable as the Bluemini R2R works as a USB DAC.

Note: if you connect the Bluemini to a laptop or smartphone with a USB cable, the module may draw power from the source device. If you don’t want to discharge the source, to prevent this, you should press and hold the charging button for 2 seconds before connecting the USB cable to the device. In this way, the unit will not charge while playing music.

We also hope that the new version of Bluemini R2R will add volume and skip track buttons, which are obviously missing here. Yes, you can’t adjust this without touching the source device. You only have the play/pause function if you press the power button once at a time (the same button you can answer an incoming call).

The range of the Bluetooth connection has also remained excellent. A couple of concrete walls are not an obstacle for it, within the radius of the apartment should not be a problem.

The main features of New Bluemini R2R is the new built-in proprietary HiFiMAN Himalaya R2R DAC, weighing only 25g, and support for all popular HD Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC.


HiFiman Deva Pro Sound

Now it’s time to check how the new “Acoustically Invisible” Stealth Magnet Design really work. The HiFiman Deva Pro has a fairly low sensitivity of 93.5dB, and the impedance is also very low – only 18 ohms, so the headphones are quite easy to match with sources with low power, like phones, players and other mobile devices. You don’t need a powerful and expensive headphone amplifier to warm them up at all.

The Hifiman Deva Pro is really a very nice sounding headphone. Whether wired or wireless, you get a very coherent, high-quality sound. The overall musical presentation is mostly flat and neutral, with high resolution and transparency. The first version of the Deva had a very similar sound character, while the new Pro model provides a even more balanced and bright sound.

Stage is quite wide, although it would be more accurate to call it – right. All instruments sound with the correct staging in space, at least you do not have any questions about it. The separation of the instruments is good and allows you to distinguish all the different parts even in relatively overloaded tracks.

Low frequencies

Because these are planar headphones, the bass is appropriate but with some features. As well as the overall sonic delivery of the Deva Pro would definitely call the bass – right. You don’t notice it until you switch your attention to that range. At that point you immediately realize that the whole bass guitar part in any instrumental track can be heard to the squeak of finger on the bass string braid. Deva Pro has its own place for bass guitar, it’s never too much or too little, it’s always as it should be right here and now. Whether it’s instrumental or electronic music. A good demonstration of the delicacy, depth and the correctness of the low range of the track – “Between The Sheets” by Fourplay from their album of the same name.

Mid frequencies

The midrange has an excellent balance between bass and treble, and everything is tuned almost perfectly here as well. The high resolution, transparency and excellent separation of instruments in the midrange also deserves to be described as – right, in the best sense of the word. Try focusing on any of the mid-range instruments, be it guitar, keyboards or whatever, and you’ll immediately see how lively and organic they sound to other ranges. Just a great range setup.

Hi frequencies

The range that makes it easy to understand what class the headphones belong to. And here it is immediately clear that HiFiman Deva Pro is really high-class. Not every headphone in this price range can serve Hi-hat and Ride Cymbals in such a way. Naturalness, air and excellent positioning in space are the distinguishing features of this range in the Deva Pro. Even in the peaks there is no hint of sand, just listen how John Bonham delicately beats the sparks out of the cymbals in the live version of “Since I’ve Been Loving You“, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Beautiful tuning from HiFiman!


HiFiman Deva Pro Sound

To sum it up we would like to see in the next model a track switch button on the bluemini and new color schemes. But even now HiFiman Deva Pro certainly sets a new bar unattainable for many competitors in the $300 price range. Incredible comfort, quality of materials, technology and practicality make you admire this model. But the most important thing about the HiFiman Deva Pro is their sound. Even if they were just wired headphones – it would still be one of the best models in its class, but here we were also given a technological Bluemini module, which leaves no chance for the competitors.

Five stars. Our choice.

HiFiMan DEVA Pro Specifications

  • Driver Planar – Stealth Magnetic + Neo Supernano
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance 18 Ohm
  • Sensitivity 93.5dB
  • Weight 360g
  • Socket:
    Single 3.5mm TRRS (balance) Left side
    Dual 3.5mm TRRS (single ended) right+left

Bluemini R2R Specifications

  • Bluemini version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth chipset: Qualcomm QCC5124
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 114dB
  • Baterry life: 8 hours
  • Net weight: 25g
  • Transmissions codecs: LDAC, aptX-HD, aptX, AAC, SBC

Official site: hifiman.com

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