JCAT Optimo_ATX: linear ATX computer power supply on audiophile components

The Polish company JCAT has published on its website renders and information about the developed computer power supply Optimo_ATX. The last three letters of the name indicate the type of future development. Optimo_ATX is designed to power computer systems that are part of Hi-Fi audio kits.

Having stipulated that the published parameters are not final, the developers promised Optimo_ATX a current up to 23 A on all main lines (12, 5 and 3.3 V) and full compatibility with the ATX2 specification. Also promised noise floor below 25 μV RMS. It is reported that the novelty will be equipped with a voltage drop compensation system in the connecting cables.


Optimo_ATX will be based on three custom low-inductance transformers, with magnetic and electrical shielding. They will be enclosed in stainless steel cylindrical housings and filled with epoxy for complete acoustic silence. By the way, the chassis of the entire device is also supposed to be made of bent stainless steel.


To rectify alternating current into direct current, instead of diode bridges, MOS-transistor circuits, switched at the zero points of the alternating current wave, will be used. This is to improve noise performance. The Optimo_ATX will provide power management, soft start, and ATX control functions with a standard industrial LNA DSP. It is said that audiophile-grade components will be installed at critical points in the circuit.

In addition to the usual set of computer ATX power connectors, the new product will provide a pair of 5 V and 12 V AUX outputs for auxiliary devices. JCAT plans to complete the development of Optimo_ATX by the end of the year – at the same time it will determine its cost.

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