DALI releases updated firmware for Callisto C, Rubicon C, Oberon C and Sound Hub

Firmware version 3.1 available on the official website should ensure more correct functioning of all DALI streaming speakers in combination with two currently available wireless control and signal transmission devices: Sound Hub and Sound Hub Compact. DALI explained that the firmware is essentially an operating system running on wireless speakers of the Callisto C, Rubicon C and Oberon C series.

The firmware includes fixes for all currently existing errors in the operation of these systems. The main thing was that it optimizes the work of the previously released Rubicon C and Callisto C with the Sound Hub Compact module that recently appeared in the Oberon C package.

On the other hand, the new software also improves the interaction of the earlier, large and full-featured Sound Hub with the recently presented DALI active speakers Oberon C.

The updated firmware for each model in zip format is downloaded from the official site. In addition to the firmware itself, the archive also contains a text file with detailed information about the procedure for its application and the changes that it contains for a specific model.

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