Professional MK2 monitors and bass subwoofers from HEDD Audio: Linearise filtering and CoP plugs

German company Hedd Audio has announced the MK2 series of active monitors and Bass 08/12 subwoofers.

The new series features two two-lane models (Type 05 MK2 and Type 07 MK2) and two three-lane models (Type 20 MK2 and Type 30 MK2). All monitors received AMT tweeters and woofers with diffusers with a honeycomb surface.

HEDD Audio MK2 monitors

One of the main features of the series is the proprietary linearise switchable FIR filter. According to the manufacturer, the function will achieve ” perfect impulse responses and clearly improved transmission of imagery/space.” Also, all models received various correction filters that can adjust the sound in accordance with the conditions of use and the location of the speakers.

HEDD Audio MK2 monitors

Another important point is the CoP-plugs that are equipped with the new series of monitors. They are needed so that the user can manually close or open the port, thereby adjusting the level and character of the bass, as well as the sound pressure. The monitors have professional analog inputs and digital AES on XLR connectors.

HEDD Audio MK2 monitors

As for the Bass 08 and 12 subwoofers, the models were created specifically for use with MK2 monitors. The Bass 08 model received an 8-inch radiator and a 300-watt amplifier. The older Bass 12 is equipped with a 700 W amplifier and a 12-inch speaker.

HEDD Audio MK2 monitors

It is claimed that due to the DSP and port plugs, the user will be able to configure the sound he needs. The Linearise system was also used in subwoofers: a set of subs and two Hedd MK2 monitors should be a fully coordinated solution that is suitable for professional use.

In Germany, the start of sales of monitors and subwoofers of the new series is scheduled for January next year. The price starts from 1,300 euros for a pair of Type 05 MK2. The most expensive were three-lane type 30 MK2-5,200 euros per pair. Subwoofers cost 1,000 and 2,000 euros, respectively.

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