Rolling Stones will reissue a limited edition of “Sticky Fingers” in a special design

In July of this year, the Rolling Stones announced the reissue of the album “Goats Head Soup” with improved sound and various bonus materials. Now it is the turn of another classic work — in honor of the 50th anniversary of the record “Sticky Fingers”, the band decided to re-release the album in a special limited LP format.

The highlight of the reissue is a special corporate color / design called “Red Stones”. Both the envelope and the record itself will be designed accordingly.

Sales will start on the morning of December 3 at the London store RS No 9 (9 Carnaby Street). Only 500 copies will be available. In a few hours, online sales of the record will be launched, but only 500 lucky people will be able to buy the updated “Sticky Fingers” via the Internet. Those who want to buy a reissued album were asked to follow the information on the website С

Representatives of the group noted that the reissue of “Goats Head Soup” sold out in 24 hours. If someone decides that they should become the owner of the record “Sticky Fingers” in a new unique design, then they need to be in the mentioned store at 10 am local time. The cost will be £25.

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