PreSonus has released an inexpensive active subwoofer for work and entertainment Sub8

First of all, the new PreSonus Sub8 active subwoofer is designed to enrich the sound of the E3.5 and E4.5 systems of the Eris series. According to the company, the subwoofer can make the sound of these monitors more pronounced and confident.

The Sub8 model is capable of playing frequencies from 30 Hz. The design is designed specifically for use in small rooms. On Board the subwoofer there is an 8-inch emitter and a built-in amplifier with a power of 100 watts.

PreSonus Sub8

The following settings are available to the user on the back panel: gain level, low-pass filter, phase inversion, high-pass filter (removes all sounds below 80 Hz from the signal supplied to the main speakers).

PreSonus Sub8

The manufacturer said that the set of two Eris monitors and a new subwoofer is suitable for both work and listening to music, games and watching movies. The sub can also be used with third-party speakers.

PreSonus Sub8

In the European market, the cost of the Sub8 was 185 euros. Sales will start this month.

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