Schiit Audio Modi 3+ DAC equipped with a USB interface Unison

An improved version of the Modi DAC from the American company Schiitaudio has been released. The new product was called Modi 3+. Externally, the DAC is indistinguishable from the previous Modi 3 model. According to the manufacturer, the model is fully developed and made in California.

Schiit reported that only the creation of the unison USB interface, which is equipped with Modi 3+ (in Modi 3 there was a C-Media SM6631A controller), took two man-years. In addition to USB, Modi 3+ also has optical and coaxial digital inputs. The model supports up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution.

Schiit Аudio Modi 3+

The heart of Modi 3+ (actually Modi is the God of warrior rage, son of Thor from Norse mythology) is the AKM AK4490 chip. The system provides a signal-to-noise ratio of 116 dB. The circuit uses precision thin-film resistors, and the output is AN opa1662 operational amplifier from Texas Instruments.

Schiit Аudio Modi 3+

All Modi 3+ switching is concentrated on the back wall of the compact case — and there you can find two micro-USB ports at once. One is designed to connect to a computer — a special cable is included. The second connector is needed to power the device from the supplied adapter. On the front panel – toggle switch and indicator. The new product is available in a black or silver finish.

In the United States Schiit Audio Modi DAC 3+ will cost $100.

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