Atlantic Technology AT-3: Powerful bass from 6.5-inch speakers

Atlantic Technology continued to develop its proprietary H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System) technology. A kind of reverse horn is installed in the body of such a speaker. In the two-lane AT-3 floor pads, the H-PAS works even more efficiently than in the previous model under the AT-1 index — the new products have become a quarter smaller. The AT-3 speakers, which have a 6.5-inch bass player, play from 29 Hz with an uneven -3 dB.

The low-frequency AT-3 is equipped with a lightweight, movable fiberglass diffuser. The H-PAS design provided the system with a sound pressure of up to 106 dB with harmonic distortion of less than 3%. Atlantic Technology stated that for comparable performance, conventional acoustics would require a three-times larger driver — and in a case of at least twice the volume.

Atlantic Technology AT-3

For the upper range in the AT-3 is responsible for the new inch silk tweeter with liquid cooling. Its resonance is below the frequency of the section, which, in turn, is set below the usual values. The volume of the tweeter can be adjusted with a 3-way switch. According to Atlantic Technology, the crossover circuit has high-quality components with tolerances of less than 1%. In addition to the usual, there is also a band-by-band connection.

Atlantic Technology AT-3

AT-3 cabinets with curved side walls are supported on massive cast-iron bases with adjustable spikes. Removable cloth grills received invisible magnetic mounts.

Atlantic Technology AT-3

In the United States, the recommended retail price for AT-3 speakers was $3,000 per pair.

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