AuneAudio Jasper headphones get ultra-linear drivers with MGD diaphragms

Chinese brand auneaudio, better known for its digital devices, has released Jasper headphones. The manufacturer positions them as in-channel monitors. In cases with a mirror glossy finish, one dynamic driver is placed.

These ultra-linear magnetic speakers feature 10 mm multi-layer diaphragms (MGD). According to auneaudio, the volume and shape of the internal acoustic chamber were improved during numerous auditions, when the sound of the headphones was compared even with live music.

AuneAudio Jasper

It is claimed that the impedance of 32 ohms will allow the model to be combined with almost any signal sources. At the same time, Jasper showed a reproducible frequency range of 5-40, 000 Hz and a sensitivity of 102 dB / mw.

The headphones are equipped with a round case, a removable cable with a 3.5 mm unbalanced connector and a set of silicone earbuds in three sizes.

In the US, the auneaudio Jasper headphones will cost $300.

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