Siltech Symphony acoustic: 12 drivers in three modules and a range from 17Hz to 100kHz

Known for its cable products, the Dutch company Siltech has introduced the full-size Symphony floor acoustic. They were the embodiment of the ambitions of the company’s owner, Edwin van der Kley Rynveld, who always dreamed of accurately reproducing the live sound. According to Siltech, 3-level systems with cabinets of the highest rigidity were developed for this purpose.

In the lower level, there are four 18-inch woofers – a rare caliber for home systems, which allowed you to reach the lower limit of 17 Hz. The middle level was occupied by a set of drivers responsible for the medium-high frequency range.

Siltech Symphony acoustic

These are five tweeters supplemented with three midrange tweeters, including ribbon and dome tweeters with a diamond membrane. Siltech Symphony operates at high frequencies up to 100 kHz. In the upper part of the speakers there is another bass player with a special oval-shaped sound coil (perhaps we are talking about a Scan-Speak product).

Siltech Symphony acoustic

All three modules are separated by ruby support elements. According to Siltech, the Symphony’s sound is very precisely phase-matched. The design of the cases involves a combination of different materials — in particular, the 180-kg low-frequency module – the base inherited its shape and technology from the piano. As a result, with a “height” of slightly less than 2 meters, each such column weighs a total of 244 kg.

Siltech Symphony acoustic

For Symphony, amplifiers with a minimum power of 20 watts are recommended. Nothing is said about the maximum power — at the same time, without going to clipping, the systems give out 115 dB of sound pressure. For nominal conditions in the standard range of 20 Hz — 20 kHz, a non-linear distortion coefficient of up to 0.25% is promised.

The manufacturer called the Symphony “one of the best loudspeakers in the world”. For pricing, finishes and options, contact Siltech directly.

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