Pachenko Audiophile has released the reference power supply Masterpiece Edition Highend LPSU

Located on the volcanic island of Reunion (French overseas department in the Indian Ocean), Pachanko Audiophile has unveiled the Masterpiece Edition Highend LPSU. This is an analog full-size power supply (LPSU-Linear Power Supply). The device is designed to provide clean and silent analog power for digital audio equipment: servers, streamers, NAS.

The Highend Masterpiece Edition is available in several output voltage variants: these are single 19V, 19V and 5V, as well as 19V and two 5V outputs. They are issued on a 4-pin XLR connector. In any case, the circuit is based on a 4N pure silver-wound toroidal kilowatt transformer in a sealed screen.

Pachenko Audiophile Masterpiece Edition Highend LPSU

The transformer powers ultra-low noise linear circuits. For a high quality output voltage, bipolar capacitors Mundorf M-Lytic AG and Audio Note Kasei with a total capacity of more than 882,000 μF are used.

Pachenko Audiophile Masterpiece Edition Highend LPSU

A silver foil Duelund CAST film capacitor is installed in the inlet filter. The AC power is supplied to the Furutech NCF AC connector.

Internal wiring is also made of pure 4N silver with Deep Cryo treatment. All of this is housed in a double aluminum casing with a massive copper base plate with aluminum feet. The total weight of the device is 40 kg.

Pachenko Audiophile Masterpiece Edition Highend LPSU

You can buy the Masterpiece Edition High end LPSU in Europe for 6,000 euros.

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