Yamaha MS101-4 new compact near field monitor

The Yamaha MS101-4 model, an active speaker based on a full-range driver, has appeared in the Yamaha desktop monitor line. Such models have been periodically produced by the company since the mid 90s. This time, the heart of the system is a full-range speaker with an 1-inch voice coil and a ferrite magnet, equipped with a 4-inch reinforced cellulose cone.

The built-in amplifier with a peak power of 30W (or 20W in continuous mode) operates in an economical class D. This allowed us to limit ourselves to natural cooling. In standby mode, the electronics consume very little, so the MS101-4 quite claims the epithet “plug and forget”. Yamaha promises the system a loudness of 115 dB SPL at a meter distance and a frequency range of 77-20,000Hz.

Yamaha MS101-4

Yamaha MS101-4 is available in a black plastic case with a rear phase inverter. The 3/8″ female thread mount makes it easy to mount the monitor on, for example – a microphone stand. The alternative is two M5 threaded holes, with which many mounting options are available.

The MS101-4 received both line and microphone TRS inputs and an output on the rear wall, complemented by a combo input on the front panel. There is also a power button, as well as knobs for adjusting the volume and tone of bass and treble. The speaker is protected by a perforated metal grill with the familiar “three-fork” logo.

Yamaha MS101-4

The Yamaha MS101-4 monitor is priced at $170 in the US.

Yamaha MS101-4 Specifications

  • Frequency range (-10dB) 77 Hz–20 kHz
  • Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 115 dB SPL *1
  • ComponentsLF-HF 4″ Cone, 1″ Voice coil, Ferrite magnet
  • I/O Connectors:
    Mic Input [Front] INPUT: Combo, [Rear] INPUT LINE 1: Stereo Mini, INPUT LINE 2: Phone (TRS)
    Line Out 1 x Phone (TRS)
    AC 1 x AC inlet
  • Input impedance [Front] INPUT: LINE=5.4 kΩ / MIC= 5.4 kΩ, [Rear] INPUT LINE 1,2: 10 kΩ
  • Input sensitivity [Front] INPUT: LINE=-10 dBu / MIC=-40 dBu, [Rear] INPUT LINE 1, 2: -10 dBu (VOLUME: Maximum)
  • Input Level [Front] INPUT: LINE=+5 dBu / MIC=-25 dBu, [Rear] INPUT LINE 1, 2: +5 dBu (Nominal Input Level / VOLUME: Center), [Front] INPUT: LINE=+20 dBu / MIC=-10 dBu, [Rear] INPUT LINE 1, 2: +20 dBu (Maximum Input Level)
  • Others:
    Controls: 1 x VOLUME, 1 x LOW CONTROL, 1 x HIGH CONTROL, POWER
  • Power consumption 1/8 Power Consumption: 10 W, Idle Power Consumption: 3 W
  • Power requirements 100 V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Options: Mic stand adaptor BMS-10A, Free-angle clamp BAS-10, Wall mounting bracket BWS20-190, Ceiling bracket BCS20-150 / BCS20-210