SteinMusic TopLine Bob XL acoustics: horns, open baffles and three-kilowatt amplifiers with DSP

German SteinMusic has created TopLine Bob XL – a set of acoustics designed, according to the company, to realize the most natural reproduction of any music. In these systems, high-frequency and mid-frequency horns were used in combination with open subwoofer modules.

Each speaker is approximately 2.3 meters high and has built-in DSP-controlled active subwoofers and a 3-kilowatt amplifier. For the “lower middle” in the TopLine Bob XL, five 10-inch speakers with carbon composite cones are located in the front wall. Six 12-inch woofers are installed on each side in the side walls of the cabinet, their symmetry made it possible to compensate for the vibrations of systems with a sufficiently large total mass.

SteinMusic TopLine Bob XL

The active low-frequency link operates in the range from 40 Hz and below. In the rest of the range, according to SteinMusic, the owner of the TopLine Bob XL can use his favorite stereo amplifier.

Separate TopLine Bob XL subwoofers will allow you to get additionally promised by SteinMusic “colored”, clean accented bass down to the lowest octave. These are two vertical “towers” built in the same architecture of an open partition. Each is equipped with eight dedicated 18-inch woofers. Their speakers are also symmetrically directed to the sides and are powered by a built-in 3 kW amplifier. The system provides a linear response down to 17 Hz. It remains to find phonograms where this entire range has been recorded with high quality.

SteinMusic TopLine Bob XL

Stein Music Topline Bob XL speakers are available in basic black. Recently, a variant was presented in which the horn is decorated with gold. Any other design can be requested upon request. In the US, the Stein Music Topline Bob XL kit costs $290,000.