Integrityhifi Tru-Glider tonearm special modification with Nasotec Swing headshell 202A1

Canadian firm Integrityhifi introduced the Tru-Glider pendulum tonearm last year. The main feature of the design of this model is the complete absence of bearings in the rotary units of the mechanism. Both in azimuth and height, turns are made by twisting the stretched threads.

Recently, it became known about the latest modification of the Tru-Glider with the updated headshell Swing 202A1 from the Koreans Nasotec. Tru-Glider became the first tonearm on the market with such a shell.

Nasotec Swing headshell 202A1

The Swing 202A1 base is a patented design that creates the same pressure on both side walls of the sound groove. This result was achieved through the use of a spring system that controls the movements of the head (needle). According to Nasotec, in terms of sound, their proprietary shell design gave “more dynamics and a more pronounced bass”.

Nasotec Swing headshell 202A1

In the US, the cost of a Tru-Glider tonearm with a Nasotec Swing 202A1 headshell varies from $4,000 to $6,000 (depending on various options).

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