HiFiMan HE400se headphones: open planars for $150

Renowned for its achievements in the field of headphones, HiFiMan Electronics introduced the open-type model HE400se. These are on-ear headphones with round cups, in which, contrary to expectations, not speakers are installed, but unbalanced magneto-planar drivers. By the way, this made the headphones 30% lighter (as a result, they weigh less than 370 g). At the same time, the sensitivity of the novelty reached 91 dB.

“The HE400se is the result of our in-depth study of planar magnetic technology to create headphones with a wide soundstage and detailed picture at an affordable price,” said Dr. Fang Bian, President and CEO, HiFiMan Electronics.

HiFiMan HE400se

Despite the availability of the HE400se, their headband looks very much like the first closed planar model HE-R10P, the price of which is more than 30 times the price of the new HE400se.

Headphones received beveled ear cushions – according to HiFiMan, it better matches the shape of the listener’s head and provides additional comfort. The HE400se is scheduled for release in April.

HiFiMan HE400se

In the US, the HiFiMan HE400se headphones will retail for a suggested price of $149.

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