TWS oneplus Buds headphones: without ANC, but with Dolby Atmos and IPX4

The Chinese firm OnePlus, a division of BBK Electronics that deals mainly with smartphones (the latest model is OnePlus Nord), has officially introduced its first TWS headphones, OnePlus Buds. The new product is provided with Dolby Atmos support for compatible content and meets the IPX4 waterproof class (splash protection). There are no other advantages of similar models: active noise reduction, wireless charging, etc.

But the headphones themselves can provide up to seven hours of battery life. Another 30 hours will add charging from the battery case, 10 minutes of charging which will add as much as 10 hours. The case will be fully charged in less than an hour and a half.As for the design, the new product will appear in three colors: gray, white and blue. All these options will be available in Europe and India, while in the US, the sale of blue OnePlus Buds is not planned for some reason. True wireless oneplus Buds headphones are already available on pre-order for $80.