Avantone Pro Planar: magneto-planar audiophile headphones of the open type

Avantone Pro has expanded its portfolio with headphones with planar emitters, clearly named “Planar”. The model is positioned as a reference model and is offered for use by both professionals and Amateur audiophiles.In addition to magneto-planar emitters (70×95 mm), avantone Planar headphones feature an open design. According to the company, the model will provide accurate, clean, natural and fast sound with high-quality bass. The manufacturer also stressed that the low level of distortion was achieved due to magnetic fields of the same strength on both sides of the diaphragm.

The headphones used Neodymium N50SH magnets. Smooth frequency response was achieved due to a special open design with a precisely tuned sound camera. The cups of the headphones were made rectangular. The stated frequency range is from 30Hz to 30kHz, the sensitivity is 104dB, and the impedance is 32Ohms. The recommended capacity was 250mW, and the minimum capacity was 100mW.

The manufacturer stated that Avantone Planar is suitable not only for stationary systems, but also for portable music devices. Included with the headphones are a cable (3.5 mm), an adapter and a case.In the US, Avantone Planar headphones are due to go on sale in September at a price of $400.