Technics Ottava SC-C70MK2 Stereo System: Upgraded Woofer, Room Auto Tune and Chromecast Support

Technics has updated its Ottava f. The full model name is now SC-C70MK2. We talked about the previous version in detail three years ago. The company has seriously worked on improving the new product. Updated 8cm low-frequency driver, reduced voice coil weight, increased cone rigidity and optimized airflow paths. The 2cm dome tweeter was fitted with a lighter silk membrane and the acoustic lens was redesigned to fit its new shape.

Technics Ottava SC-C70MK2

The 2.1 system, powered by three JENO Engine all-digital amplifiers, features a “Space Tune” function that adapts the SC-C70MK2’s sound to the acoustic environment. The built-in microphone is used for this. The system has three presets: Free, Near the Wall and Near the Corner (free location, near the wall and in the corner) – it is controlled by the Technics Audio Center application with a redesigned interface.

Technics Ottava SC-C70MK2

Among the new features available in the Ottava C-C70MK2 is the Chromecast, thanks to which various music streaming services can be played in a multi-room system. The Technics Audio Center app provides similar capabilities with compatible Technics devices and the Google Home app.

Technics Ottava SC-C70MK2

Naturally, the system still has an on-board radio and CD drive, Spotify Connect and Internet radio are available, it is also compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, network playback, USB storage, analog and optical input is possible. Deezer and AirPlay 2 have now been added, with the Technics Ottava f SC-C70MK2 coming out in October. Its retail price in the UK is £800.

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