Burmester shares plans for 2021

German high-end audio producer Burmester is celebrating the anniversary of its founder, Dieter Burmester. At the beginning of February he would have turned 75 years old. In honor of this date, Burmester is going to release many new products: the company lists stereos, power amplifiers and a turntable. The Burmester Reference Line will be supplemented with new acoustic models.

In the area of ​​car audio, Burmester has already introduced the High-End 4D system in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. According to the company, this is the new standard for spatial sound in luxury vehicles.

To create future innovations, Burmester engineers entered into dialogue with distributors, retailers and company model owners. Their experience, as Burmester assured, will bring new items as close as possible to the needs of future owners.

“Dieter Burmester was a perfectionist who designed his components with unrivaled technical precision,” said Marianne Burmester, Managing Director of the company. “We strive to follow this uncompromising approach to create true sound.”

Burmester representatives are planning to announce details about future models soon.

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