VZR announces Model One audiophile gaming headset with acoustic lenses

The first development of the VZR company, the Model One headset, could have been lost among numerous similar kits, if not for the name of its developer. VZR was co-founded and the main creator of Model One was former Apple lead acoustics engineer Vic Tiscareno.

The VZR Model One is an open on-ear headphone with round cups. The main thing is inside. Specially designed 40mm drivers are complemented by acoustic lenses using CrossWave technology. According to Tiscareno, he created this structure for several years. CrossWave is said to allow the headphones to deliver sound to stationary speakers without the need for complex digital signal processing that kills the soul of sound.

VZR Model One audiophile gaming headset

The VZR Model One headset is addressed to both general and professional users. The novelty has received a comfortable headband and ear cushions filled with memory foam. The flexible boom arm with the expansion microphone can be undocked – then the cable microphone comes into play.

VZR Model One audiophile gaming headset

The cable itself is supplemented with a meter-long extension cord and an adapter from a single-jack to a two-jack “connection option, as well as an adapter for a 6.35 mm jack. Everything fits together in a comfortable hard case. It turned out to be quite flat, since the ear cups are rotated 90 °. The kit will be available for pre-order purchase on the VZR website. For now, you can register there in order to subsequently receive a notification of the start of sales by e-mail.

But the price of the VZR Model One in the US is already known – $350.

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