JCAT Optimo S ATX power supply: 500W for audiophile computer systems

JCAT has opened a pre-order for the Optimo S ATX. It is “The World’s 1st truly 100% linear ATX power supply for high-end audiophiles.” – JCAT says. The JCAT Optimo S ATX is intended to replace their “weakest link” in audio-computer systems – a standard switching power supply. Information about the development of the JCAT Optimo ATX power system appeared back in September last year.

The Optimo S ATX is ready to deliver 500W of power and can handle a maximum load of 23A per bus. The system provides protection against short circuits, overloads, overheating, output voltage surges and interference in the power grid.

The JCAT Optimo S ATX power supply received a separate case measuring 43x13x50 cm and weighs 25kg. The set includes power cables for the PC motherboard, processor, floppy drives and expansion cards. In fact, the case contains separate linear regulators, the stabilizers of which operate in a controlled voltage mode without feedback.

JCAT Optimo S ATX power supply

Each Optimo S ATX power rail contains 11 low-impedance capacitors with a total capacity of 110,000μF. The transformers have been specially designed for this model. They received magnetic and electrical shielding, as well as vibration isolation from the body.

JCAT Optimo S ATX power supply

All Optimo S ATX contact connections are gold-plated. As for the AC input voltage, it does not switch – the manufacturer has available versions of the power supply for voltages of 115 V and 230 V. The release of the first Optimo S ATX is scheduled for March 2022.

JCAT Optimo S ATX power supply

The European price for the JCAT Optimo S ATX power supply is 4,500 euros. Additional 5V DC AUX or 12 VDC AUX cables will require a 170€ surcharge, and an additional PCI-E cable will cost 250€.

JCAT Optimo S ATX Specification

  • 100% linear, audiophile power source unit dedicated for Hi-Fi systems
  • Extremely low noise <25uV RMS
  • Passively cooled
  • Compatible with 95W TDP processors (Intel’s design guide). Max power on CPU rail is 276W
  • 450W, 23A @ EVERY MAIN RAIL
  • Protections against: short-circuiting, overloads, overheating, output voltage jumps, and power grid interferences.
  • Cable power drop compensation.
  • 27kg of weight
  • Dimensions: 43x13x50cm
  • ATX 2.2 compatible.
  • Included cables: 1.5m shielded silver plated copper (18AWG) for motherboard, CPU, HDD  (2xLP4 molex + 2xSATA). Original connectors from MOLEX with gold-plated pins.
  • 115V and 230V versions are available.

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