​Tchernov Cable introduces anti-interference Audiophile USB Cable Pro USB A-B IC

Tchernov Cable has introduced its first new product of this year-a digital high-speed cable Pro USB A-B IC. The product is part of a limited series of 500 sets of USB 2.0 cables with a new design of independent DSPL signal and supply lines for transmission of streams up to 32 bit/768 kHz (PCM/DSD512).

As stated in Tchernov, the DSPL system will provide maximum noise immunity of the data transmission channel from both external and internal (mutual) interference. Accordingly, the number of errors in the transmitted information stream should be significantly reduced.

To reduce mutual interference, the cable is made in the form of two independent, physically spaced symmetrical structures made of twisted insulated multi-wire BRC conductors with individual static shielding and damping.

Tchernov Cable Pro USB A-B IC

Also, the X-Shield multi — element screen system will serve as a protection against external interference-separately for the signal and supply lines. In addition, the company has focused on milled aluminum cases of USB connectors, designed to further shield the contacts.

According to the manufacturer, the Pro USB A-B IC cable will convey to the listener the information that was not previously heard.

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