T+A released the R1000E stereo receiver in a white limited finish Capsule Edition

The German company T+A has announced the launch of production of the r1000e stereo receiver in an unusual white finish (White Edition). The model in this design became part of the limited Capsule Edition series, the idea of which is that the r1000e receiver (or other “selected” product of the brand) in a certain design will be manufactured only for a few months, after which the device will return to its normal appearance.

As for the R1000E model, the White Edition version has already been put into production, and the Assembly of such receivers in white will stop in April next year. According to the management of T+A, everyone who wants to buy a special white receiver R1000E should have time to do it.

T+A R1000E Capsule Edition

As for the technical parameters, they have not changed: the universal R1000E can play CD, can work as a network UPnP player, play music from USB media, work with online services (Tidal, Deezer, Qobus, etc.), receive a signal via digital and analog connectors or via Bluetooth.

The R1000E also has a built-in radio. The preamp part is assembled from discrete elements. The amplifying part is similar to the RA1000E. At 4 Ohms, the receiver gives a power of 180 watts.

In Europe, the cost OF the R1000E Capsule Edition series was 5,300 euros.

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