Neat Acoustics Majistra speakers: isobaric design with ribbon tweeter

The British company Neat Acoustics has released another model of isobaric speakers – the large Majistra rack units. In its class, the new product will take an intermediate position between the compact Ministra and Ekstra floorstands, and the set of drivers is taken from the top Orkestra model. The ribbon tweeter has become a recognizable component of all these speakers.

They are called isobaric because a constant pressure is created on the back of the bass cone, independent of its deviations. This technique, which is said to use an additional speaker inside the speaker cabinet, brings the working conditions of the woofer closer to ideal.

Neat Acoustics Majistra

Thus, the Majistra has not one, but two 164 mm woofers, located one behind the other. Also, traditionally for Neat, the Majistra crossover is hand-assembled using the best, according to the brand, components available.

Neat Acoustics founder Bob Surgeoner stated: “The 164mm drivers in this configuration provide a truly phenomenal bass extension and control that is usually only found in large floor-standing designs.” The release of new products will begin in mid-September.

The Neat Acoustics Majistra will retail for £3,500 in the UK.

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