Apple soundbar based on Apple TV and HomePod?

The publication Bloomberg reported on Apple’s plans to release a device (Apple soundbar) that will be based on both the Apple TV set-top box and the HomePod speaker (which Apple, by the way, refused to produce last month).

According to Bloomberg, the Apple set-top box will also receive a camera for video communication, as well as a set of functions for a smart home. As stated, the device is at an early stage of development, and it is not yet possible to say unequivocally that the product will reach the shelves.

Apple soundbar

If you look at the rumors about Apple soundbar from a technical point of view, then the appearance of such a device is quite possible, since the HomePod and the Apple TV set-top box are based on the same software. In addition, in 2020, Apple integrated the HomePod speaker with Apple TV (we wrote more about this DC system earlier). Thus, Apple may well create a “single” multifunctional device, especially since HomePod itself is not going to be released anymore.

Among other things, Bloomberg said that Apple is preparing a presentation of a new high-end speaker with a touchscreen. Nothing is known about this product either.

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