MSB Technology M205 Mono Amplifier with heat pipe cooling

An American company with 35 years of experience in the development of audiophile components, MSB Technology, has unveiled the MSB M205 mono amplifier. The model continues the concept of last year’s S202 stereo amplifier, which this time is split and amplified in a pair of monoblocs.

According to MSB, the M205 Mono Amplifier will be especially good with reference brand DACs. At the same time, the signal-to-noise ratio declared for the M205 is more than 130dB.

MSB M205 power supply

MSB Technology M205 Mono Amplifier

Each M205 is equipped with a custom low-noise, high-current toroidal transformer that takes up almost a third of the body’s volume. Hence the weight of the novelty – 41kg. The rest of the place was taken by a discrete balanced single-board circuitry.

MSB Technology M205 Mono Amplifier

The input stage operates in class A with impedance matched. The output stage, also balanced, operates in class AB. MSB claims carefully selected components and a zero negative feedback design.

Billet CNC chassis

MSB Technology M205 Mono Amplifier Billet CNC chassis

As for the body, according to MSB, two chassis are cut from billets of aluminum in 28 hours on CNC machines. The most important part of the process is the creation of a radiator, whose “advantages of the visual profile” in the company noted separately. Its surface area was about 20,000cm² per amplifier. In addition, heat pipes are used in the cooling system.

The case received several grounding pins – they made it possible to fight for the reduction of electromagnetic interference. It can be complemented with signature feet, and finishes include matte silver or black anodized surfaces.

12V triggers

An optional trigger adapter can be used to integrate into a shared control setup. Finally, the most important parameter of the amplifier is the continuous output power, which with an impedance of the connected acoustics of 8Ohms and <1% distortion was 220W.

MSB Technology M205 Mono Amplifier

A pair of MSB Technology M205 monoblocks will cost 68,000 euros.

MSB M205 Mono Amplifier Specifications (per mono amplifier)

Static Power Consumption90 Watts On
Standby power less than 2 watts
Operating Voltage Range120/240V (Auto switching)
100V (Fixed)
Fuse1/4″x1-1/4″ 10A 250V Slow Blow
Input1x XLR Input
Output2x Binding post set per channel
ControlsInput Impedance Switch
On/Off Button
Standby Button
Display Dimmer
12V Mode Switch
2x MSB 12V trigger port
Continuous Power Output (8Ω) < 1% distortion220 W
Continuous Power Output (4Ω) < 1% distortion400 W
Dual Bi-Amp Continuous Power Output (8Ω) < 1% distortion200W
Dual Bi-Amp Continuous Power Output (4Ω) < 1% distortion380W
Frequency Response (20 to 20kHz)±0.03dB
Signal to Noise (20 to 22kHz)>130dB (>133dBA)
Equivalent Input Noise (22kHz BW)0.65μV
Gain (150Ω source impedance)23.8dB
Input Impedance (User Selectable)75Ω / 300Ω / 1.2kΩ
Output Impedance (20 to 20kHz)0.01Ω
Input/Gain Stage– Class-A
– Double balanced
– Impedance matched
– Fully discrete
– Independent power
Output Stage– Class-AB
– Balanced
– Medium bias
– Current gain only
Chassis Dimensions (Per Mono Block)
Width:16 in (404 mm)
Depth:19 in (483 mm)
Height:6.5 in (165 mm) Without Feet
7 in (178 mm) With Feet
Weight:90 lbs (41 kg)
Product Feet:M6X1 Thread
3 or 4 Foot Configuration
Shipping Dimensions (Per Mono Block)
Width:24 in (610 mm)
Depth:28.25 in (718 mm)
Height:16.5 in (419 mm)
Weight:137 lbs (62 kg)
Included Accessories
User Manual
IEC Power Cord

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