MSB Technology has updated the anti-vibration feet for its equipment

The American company MSB Technology has offered another option of supports for its models. At various times, MSB audio devices — DACs, amplifiers, streamers-were equipped with metal spikes or rubber supports. This time, the company offered a hybrid version: a combination of a metal cone support with a rubber tip.

The supports are made of 303 stainless steel on CNC machines. The legs in the form of a truncated cone are complemented by tips made of Viton fluoride rubber. This material is resistant to almost any impact, including oxidation, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, and even high temperatures. You can count on good durability and consistency of properties.

The legs are screwed into the housing on the M6x1 thread. They are compatible with the MSB Technology models of the Select, Reference, Premier, Discrete and DAC V series, as well as with the Analog DAC in the Unibody chassis. Legs for the S500, M500, S202 and M204 models, designed for a more solid weight, are promised in the near future.

The cost of a set of four new MSB supports is $100.

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