Logitech G333: Cheap in-ear headphones for gamers

The G333 headphones are positioned as Logitech’s first in-channel gaming headset for gamers (although it is apparently based on the G333 model for VR headsets). According to the manufacturer, the new product will provide “powerful and detailed sound” both on a desktop computer and on a smartphone. The main focus, of course, was on mobile gaming.

It is claimed that dual emitters (one for the LF and one for the midrange/HF) with neodymium magnets will give a detailed and rich sound on a par with full-size models. According to Logitech, the G333 headphones are not only “excellent positioning and the ability to accurately determine the location of the sound source in the game”, but also a good solution for music.

Logitech G333

A standard 3.5 mm jack is provided for connecting headphones. Also included is a USB-C adapter for connecting to sources without a mini-jack. To communicate with game allies and answer calls or control playback, a unit with a microphone and buttons is provided on the cable.

Logitech G333

The headphone cases are made of aluminum. The kit includes a case, silicone ear pads of three different sizes and the same adapter with USB-C to 3.5 mm. The flat cable, according to the manufacturer, should not be confused. The model is available in silver, black or purple colors.

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