Roon 1.8: interface updates, search extensions, recommendations and statistics

The Roon 1.8 update is scheduled for February 9, 2021. The creators of the platform promised a fresh, modern design with vertical scrolling. It will be available on a variety of devices: desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Along with the improved viewing features, the creators of Roon plan to add recommendations in version 1.8, which, according to the developers, will be distinguished by “supernatural insight”. They will be based not only on personal experience, but also on the data of 100,000 Roon users.

When you connect the Tidal or Qobuz streaming services, the Focus search function will also work in the audio files of these services. Updated the Discography mode — now you can find not just a song, but even a specific version of it. It will be more interesting to work with classical music: compositions can be selected by composer, performer, period, and other filters.

Roon 1.8 will also provide access to the statistics of tracks listened to over the past four weeks. An in-depth analysis of the music preferences of the system user is also provided.

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