JBL BassPro Go Wireless Speaker and 100W Car Subwoofer

The JBL BassPro Go music system is positioned by the manufacturer as a “unique combine” that combines the functionality of a portable speaker and a car subwoofer.

The JBL BassPro Go is said to have been adapted to complement virtually any car audio system with bass or power in wideband mode. The device will need to be connected to the 12 V on-board network through the terminals or the cigarette lighter socket, and then send a sound signal to the RCA inputs. For ease of installation, all wires are wound into one quick-release connector, and a docking station is provided in the form of a pad with latches to fix the device.

JBL BassPro Go

The sound pressure level in the car subwoofer mode will be 99 dB. The built-in 100W Class D amplifier works in tandem with the built-in DSP processor, which maintains traditional settings such as crossover cutoff frequency, gain, input power and phase control. For convenience, the package also includes a discrete bass level control that can be placed anywhere in the cabin.

JBL BassPro Go

When it comes to wireless speaker mode, the JBL BassPro Go can offer signature sound and up to 70W of power. In this mode, two wideband 40 mm tweeters are connected to a 120 mm woofer and a passive radiator, providing a frequency range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz.


JBL Connect technology will help you combine up to three devices into one system. The built-in battery is designed for 8 hours of continuous operation and is ready to share its energy with third-party mobile devices via a standard USB charging port. Content is broadcast over Bluetooth.

BassPro Go

According to the manufacturer, the body has received IPX5 moisture protection and is not afraid of vibration and shock loads, and can also operate at power limits in heating and freezing conditions.

JBL BassPro Go cost in Europe is 299 euros.

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