Arturia MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2 new Budget USB audio interfaces

Arturia, known for its electronic musical instruments and studio equipment for professionals, has expanded its line of audio interfaces with inexpensive MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2. They took the original AudioFuse as a basis, but in a significantly simplified form.

The basic USB interface Arturia MiniFuse 1 has one combo connector for XLR or 1/4 inch (instrument/microphone). According to the manufacturer, the model is equipped with a high-quality preamp from senior interfaces with a dynamic range of 110 dB, as well as a classic gain control in the form of a knob, switchable phantom power and a headphone output with volume control.

Arturia MiniFuse 1

The disadvantages include the lack of MIDI connectors, as well as the inability to simultaneously output sound via USB and to monitors. But the MiniFuse 2 model boasts a second connector, MIDI and simultaneous signal output to monitors and PCs.

Arturia MiniFuse 2

Both versions are bundled with software including Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Intro and Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE. Also included is a set of virtual effects from Arturia itself and a six-month subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited and Splice.

Arturia MiniFuse 4

In addition to the Arturia MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2 USB interfaces, the company has prepared for the market the MiniFuse 4 model with an expanded set of I/O and additional functions for studio work. This interface will hit the market next year.

As for the MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2, they will hit the European market in November. The pre-order has already been launched: 99 euros for the younger model and 149 euros for the older one.

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