Sonus Faber Lumina Acoustic Series is updated with Models II and V

Sonus Faber has expanded the Lumina speaker series. As an addition to the set, which we have already talked about, two more models appeared – the older two-lane Lumina II shelf units and the Lumina V floor standing speakers, which took the flagship position in the line.

A 29 mm DAD tweeter with a front phase equalizing element remained common to both speakers. The Lumina II is equipped with a 150mm mid-woofer with a cellulose cone with natural fibers. With a crossover frequency of 1,800 Hz, the Lumina II has a 55-24,000 Hz range.

Sonus Faber Lumina Models II and V

The Lumina V floorstands have received a proprietary Sonus faber solution – a lute-shaped interior volume that increases rigidity and improves acoustic performance. The same 150mm midrange is complemented by a pair of 165mm woofers with custom sandwich diaphragms of the same structure.

The Lumina V crossover divides the frequency range at 260 and 2600 Hz using the Hybrid IFF – Paracross principle, pioneered in the Maxima Amator acoustics. Sonus faber assured that this solution reduces the back EMF of the drivers, providing better frequency band consistency. In addition, the circuit has reduced the sensitivity to RFI.

Sonus Faber Lumina Models II and V

Both novelties are proposed to be used both in classic stereo and in home theater systems. Like the rest of the line, the Lumina II and Lumina V are matched in sound and design with the signature Gravis I, II and III subwoofers.

The front wall of the speakers is made of multi-layer plywood, decorated with matt wood, walnut and wenge with maple inlays or covered with classic black piano lacquer. The rest of the body is finished in black leather. The Lumina II and Lumina V speakers will be available this month.

Sonus Faber Lumina Models II and V

In the US, the Lumina II will cost $1,200 and the Lumina V $2,800.

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