Alluxity Int One Mk. II amplifier: balanced preamp and refined volume control

Alluxity, a division and brand of the Danish AVM Tec, has updated the Int One integrated amplifier to the Mk. II version. The built-in preamp is now made in a fully balanced circuit design, corresponding in this sense to the terminal. The new product provides up to 200 watts for speakers with a resistance of 8 ohms and 400 Watts for 4 ohms.

A balanced preamp provided the Int One Mk. II improved parameters for the level of natural noise and distortion. On the back panel of the case, symmetrical XLR inputs are provided-along with unbalanced RCA.

In the discrete volume control, the Int One Mk. II increased the number of switching relays. Now the volume is adjusted from -79 dB to +13 dB in 1 dB increments — the sound can be adjusted more precisely.

At the same time, the improved integralnik Int One Mk. II looks no different from the basic version, and the cost of all improvements, according to the manufacturer, were also minimized.

In the United States, the recommended retail price of the Alluxity Int One Mk. II was $9,500.

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