Yamaha Replaces HDMI 2.1 Modules in RX-A2A, RX-V6A and RX-V4A AV Receivers

Yamaha has announced a replacement program for malfunctioning HDMI 2.1 boards for three receiver models: RX-A2A, RX-V6A, and RX-V4A. Attempts to solve the problem with software updates, apparently, were recognized as futile. Sound United has already come to the same conclusions – Denon and Marantz models will receive an external adapter to correct similar shortcomings.

The HDMI Board Upgrade Program to provide 4K / 120Hz signal transmission on three Yamaha AV receivers begins in Fall 2021. The company said that the procedure will be free for two years. They will tell you more about the replacement procedure in summer.

According to the company, the HDMI update is required for now only for compatibility with the Xbox X game console or NVIDIA RTX30 video card for 4K / 120 Hz signal transmission. But it is clear that the list of these devices will be expanded in the near future. Therefore, the owners of “problematic” receivers should definitely upgrade their HDMI.

The HDMI 2.1 modules that Yamaha has been using lately – for example, in the recent RX-A4A, RX-A6A and RX-A8A AV receivers – are said to work correctly.

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